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"We Make Dreams Come True" with Discount Bridal Gowns and Alterations Beyond Compare!!!

Celebrities such as Beyonce', Michael & Janet Jackson, and even Cher have all shared the expertise of our world-class Brasilian "Personal Seamstress" and now you can ensure the success of your special wedding day as well.

The same attention to detail and near-perfectionism that has graced the bodies of Hollywood’s most noted celebrities as they walked upon the red carpet or performed in concert...can now be the comfort of your own home with FREE In-Home Fittings for wedding dress alterations (subject to availability).

Have you found a "designer" gown that you'd love to buy but has an astronomical price you wish you could buy a discount? Give us a call...we make a small markup...then buy your "dress of a lifetime".  Then, unlike typical bridal shops that do alterations as a lucrative but ancillary side business, we are true specialists and have handled couture gowns in amounts upwards of $15,000.00 as former Lead Seamstress of Santa Barbara Bridal and can offer you the same level of expertise regardless of price.  We promise NOT to cut corners or do things fast just to save time and make more profit at your expense.

NO OTHER BRIDAL SALON can compare with our World-Class Service, Alterations Beyond Compare, or Discount Designer Gowns...brought to you, courtesy of...SeamstressToTheStars...a division of Personal Seamstress!!!

If you are searching for absolutely awesome alterations for your upcoming “special day”, corporate gala, or charity event, our Super-Star caliber “Personal Seamstress” will personally oversee your needs while her team of equally amazing helpers will do everything to make your own in-the-spotlight appearance or charity event equal to the Academy Awards.

"When Price Is No Object...But Savings And Perfection Are!!!"

RUSH ORDERS Always On-Time, Of Course!!!


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